Who We Are!

CreditRemedy.org is a division of Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) a Non-Profit organization. The Credit Remedy Program was originally founded in nineteen hundred ninety eight as the National Fair Credit Service. The Credit Remedy Program was founded to provide consumers with much needed Important Credit Education and a reasonable source for consumers to access to their credit reports and get additional credit related products. CreditRemedy.org is a proven trusted credit service provided and information company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CreditRemedy.org is a consumer focused money saving service providing various credit related products and credit information. CreditRemedy.org assists consumers in managing the financial and credit and aspects of their lives while providing value-added credit and information solutions to consumers.

CreditRemedy.org promotes superior credit and financial health by providing opportunity’s to consumers enabling consumers to understand, manage and protect their personal credit data and credit history. CreditRemedy.org is also a source for hands on credit education for consumers wanting to properly manage their credit data and credit history.

We educate and Help consumers Manage and Eliminate Debt. We make that possible by providing consumers with valuable tools and information consumers would need to institute and maintain a good credit history and have the education needed to successfully plan for a home purchase, specifically, proper financial management.

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