Debt Management Analysis

Once you are registered and enrolled in the Credit Remedy Program you will be ready to begin by getting a credit analysis. Then from that point on your assigned a representative who will work with you, guiding you through the necessary steps to start the debt elimination process. You will be able to get started and properly managing your debt payments.

Once the AMI Program is explained and the data is gathered, the representative will enter it into the AMI Program. The representative will gather all the pertinent data from you that is relevant to evaluating your debt. This information includes basic financial data, such as the interest rates and balances of your outstanding debt. If you opted to request one from the representative and order a credit report it will also be reviewed on your behalf. The representative will make sure that proper care is taken to ensure that you have an accurate correct credit report.

After all the appropriate data has been collected, a representative will review your personal debt information into the entered worksheet of our proprietary debt management program.

All of this data is compiled into a professional report that they refer to as your "Evaluation" or "Debt Analysis". Their representative will contact you at that time they will go over your debt analysis once it is completed and go over the results with you. The data is carefully reviewed and analyzed by the computer with the ultimate goal of minimizing the interest paid on debts and reducing the amount of time you are in debt. The computer then creates a series of debt management options, graphs, and important charts and then constructs an overall strategy.

As your finances fluctuate and your debt changes through time your representative will work with you hand-in-hand to be sure that each new or changing debt is eliminated as soon as possible, continually saving you interest. Once you've taken a look at the Evaluation, it will be time to reap the benefits! A representative will explain the simple series of steps necessary to begin your road to debt elimination.

When questions arise or changes happen a representative is always there to assist you with your needs. A representative will keep you up to date with the details of your debt elimination program on a regular basis, can run "what if" scenarios with potential major purchases, and address necessary issues as you move closer to the goal -- becoming debt-free!

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