Credit Monitoring Service

BE SAFE  Credit monitoring service is a designed to quickly inform you of any changes to your credit file. With BE SAFE  credit monitoring service, if activity is spotted you will be alerted by email or a text alert so you are aware of the significant changes to your credit file for you to take immediate action if needed before you become a victim.

BE SAFE  monitors your credit report for changes in your credit report like new loans, new credit inquiries, new accounts, public records and company‚Äôs checking your credit report. It is also one of the best ways to combat fraud and identity theft. This will also ensure the accuracy of your credit report and the information that is being reported to the three credit reporting bureaus.

BE SAFE  Credit monitoring is a service, so you can feel confident and secure to protect yourself against fraud and identity theft. You will be notified usually within twenty four twenty-four hours if there is any activity or changes in your credit report or credit scores. We suggest that you use a credit monitoring service to notify you of any changes in your credit report or credit score. You also receive four credit reports yearly from The Credit Depot, Inc. that includes each of the three major credit-reporting bureaus.

BE SAFE  credit monitoring service tracks the three credit reporting bureaus that are monitored each day for any changes or activity with your credit report. Remember you will receive an alert of the type of activity to your credit file that might be possible fraudulent activity. Most of all the notification alerts will give you enough time to address any possible identity theft or fraudulent activity, so act now before you become a victim!

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