Credit Counseling Services

HAC Credit Counseling Services, Inc. is a credit counseling service that helps consumers deal with credit issues, debt management and other financial issues. The HAC credit counseling, credit management and debt management programs combine to provide assistance to consumers nationwide. We assist consumers with getting their credit in order and managing their debt with the goal to eradicating debt.

HAC Credit counseling provides professional credit counseling and credit management services to consumers. Our program is revolved around education as by educating consumers on credit and how to manage credit will help them succeed. The HAC Credit Counseling Services offers consumers help to explore their credit and debt options and how to avoid getting into debt and how to get out of debt.

Our credit counseling programs and services include:

  • Balanced Budget Spending
  • Consumer Credit Education
  • Payment Management
  • Financial Management

Credit counseling gives consumers direction and help with debt issues, while assisting consumers with managing their finances working for a better financial situation. This is accomplished by various means like a balanced budget spending, the proper use of credit cards, financial management, bill payment, creditor negotiation and calculating the best way to pay off debts and better ways to manage finances.

Credit Counseling could be your solution!

HAC Credit Counseling Services Professional counselors are ready to assist you with your credit needs and help you eradicate your debt. We have been providing credit counseling services since 1998 and have helped thousands of consumers. You can register now online and one of our certified credit counselors will contact you to help you with your needs.

To learn more about credit counseling services or to speak with one of our certified credit counselors you can register now online or call 1-877-309-8476.

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