About Credit Remedy

Credit Remedy is a Credit Restoration Company dedicated to providing the utmost professional service and superior credit education, while being one of the premier credit restoration companies in the country. The Credit Remedy program was developed over 15 years ago in nineteen ninety six (1996) as the national fair credit service and was formed by professionals all with over 20 years’ experience in the mortgage and finance industry. With the many years of experience in the mortgage and finance fields made our company founders aware that being a company providing superior service was a necessity for consumers with struggling credit issues.

At Credit Remedy, we always strive to offer the utmost professionalism and superior services along with credit education to help consumers reach their goals. We have helped many people experience the American dream of home ownership once they have successfully completed our program. Credit Remedy was built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, dedication and experience. With over twenty (20) years in the mortgage and finance industry. Our experience in those fields has made us aware that a service such as Credit Remedy was undeniably needed to assist consumers.

Many experts in the credit industry agree that a consumer with negative and erroneous information on their credit reports cost them thousands of dollars in higher interest rates. We know that bad things can happen to anyone and everyone can’t control every aspect of their lives. But in some cases unforeseen circumstances that are beyond consumers control could have happened to anyone at any time.

We strive to offer the best professional services and educational services to consumers nationwide. We have helped thousands of consumers experience the dream of home ownership once they have successfully restored their credit profiles and participated in our program and we can help arrange our clients to get a mortgage loan. We provide mortgage pre-qualifications services and credit approval services that the participating mortgage lenders will look for to review and to issue a mortgage loan.

If you have credit issues we strongly encourage that you make a decision to do something immediately about your credit situation. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started on improving your credit issues. The choice is yours to cease the opportunity of a better credit profile and it available with the Credit Remedy program!

Credit Remedy Team